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Cause I used to write two a day.

I have the worst hankering for cream cheese.  I have no idea why.  I just want some cream cheese and green olives and crackers.

Bryan will NOT eat this for dinner.

Damn super-taster.

Or salmon.  I could TOTALLY go for some salmon.

I think we’re having tacos, though.  I mean… that’s fine too.

But ARTICHOKE HEARTS.  Mmmm.  Artichoke bruscetta.. a BitterHouse classic.

I wish I had the recipe. (Upon reading this, Delle is muttering, "JesusChrist, woman, you MADE it with me hundreds of times!")

Yes, but I am retarded.  Ease up, homegirl.

And, hey, artichoke bruscetta is low-carb!!  That’s great!

Yes, I’m back on the Atkins train to hell.  Sucks.  So far, so good.. but it’s VERY hard to follow the diet when you live with someone who thinks you’re nuts for going on it in the first place.  He just never saw The Dress!  If he saw it, he’d understand.  And he walks with me, so it’s a wash in the end.  Tacos CAN be low carb.. if I just skip the actual taco.

I am a low-carb machine, baby.

Cream-cheese, green olives, artichoke hearts.. these are all low-carb.  So at least I’m craving the right things.

Pointless post, brought to you by Sarah Brown.  And the letter N. 

As in, "Narnia."
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Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It’s off to work..

You know you just finished off the line.  It’s okay; it’s just human nature.  One of my favorite stories I’ve ever heard about theatre is a woman who went to SETC auditions (where you have a VERY limited time to do a monologue and song).  She did her monologue first, which is pretty rare.. and then she sang the standard "Do-Re-Mi" from
Sound of Music.

EXCEPT.. she stopped at "Tea — a drink with jam and bread.."

And walked away. 

And every judge in the place HAD to hum the last line.  And they all remembered her for it.

Little vent here: I HATE THE ONCE-A-WEEK GARBAGE PICK UP.  Wow, I hate it.  So much so that last night, I had a little moment of excitement that the trash is being picked up today.  Granted, I was once the single gal who didn’t have enough trash to roll the can down to the curb twice a week, but now that there’s
2.5 people living in my home, we generate enough trash to have to keep some of it inside until the next week.  Which, I might add, IS NOT OKAY.  And WHY, OH WHY, am I still being charged for twice a week pick-up?  If you want to make me happier, drop your rates (maybe not by half, because then it wouldn’t be a cost-cutting measure.. but at least by a little, to calm me) if you cut your service.  It’s just that simple.

Last night was lovely.  Bryan and I spent most of the day running errands (we tried to go to Peggy Ann’s Bakery and do some cake-sampling, but were denied by a holiday schedule), and then we went up to the mountain to enjoy the GORGEOUS (and unseasonably warm) weather.  After about an hour wandering Monte Sano, we strolled back down the mountain and went home.  We both got hungry and I had a lovely coupon to my favorite restaurant ever (SURIN OF THAILAND), so we went there for a cheap but filling dinner.  The food there is just so flavorful.  Bryan needed some material for his upcoming show, so we thought we’d go walk off the full over at BAMM.  There, we ran into the Gill-Hubschers, and gossiped with them for a good long while before finally retreating home to take the dogs for a brisk walk.

I never realized how busy Bryan and I have been since August until we had time to sit still.  And it’s fixing to ramp back up.

I set up our wedding web page at The Knot, but it’s not quite finished yet.  We need to have an engagement shot done soon.

Today, I have lunch with Jenni before she flies out, and maybe run a few errands today myself.

Bryan and I looked at Party City yesterday for reception ideas, and I think we’ve nailed it down.  I’m VERY excited about it.

"Patience is a virtue, Sarah.. pray for patience."
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