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something borrowed.. sarah’s turning blue

i am wedding-ed out.

i have been bombarded by planning books running the gamut of “champagne on a beer budget” tricks to hollywood’s most elite wedding plans. and how many USABLE ideas have i found? maybe two.

i’ve poured through almost two NOVELS a day regarding weddings. and how much have i actually accomplished? very little.

the virgo in me has retreated to some inner corner and is rocking back and forth, in a fetal position.

the ONE good hint i found was this.. make a mental list of everything that’s important to you. and when everything seems overwhelming, concentrate on perfecting the top 5. are they all picture perfect? then just sigh everything else away.

and, because i’m a HUUUUUUGE dork, my two top things were: “that i be married to bryan at the end of the day” and “to have my loved ones around me when i say my vows”. and those are free. and require no planning, really. okay, maybe a little planning.

the other three, because i know you’re wondering are (in order of importance): food, flowers, music.

which.. are not.. so free.

i just think, that in a little bitty venue like renaissance (which, can i just say, i get more and more excited about the more books i read? i NEVER read of a couple getting married in a theatre), fresh flowers would be beautiful. the scent would carry marvelously well, and in such a dark setting, a few white calla lillies would just pop. throw in some gardenias off mom’s bushes.. actually, if mom’s bushes bloom HALF as well as they did last year, we may “yellow” some gardenias and use them everywhere. they’re one of my favorite flowers.. it’s the perfume of the south. make the groomsmen’s flowers gardenias with a sprig of tea olive behind it.. mmm. the sweetest smelling wedding ever.

food? i’m italian. do i have to justify food to you? food is very sweet because, if all goes well, i’m getting TONS of help with food from men who have been surrogate parents to me. and sweet jesus, they are men who can cook. i almost trust them enough to not ask about the food.

and music? music is a HUGE part of our lives. especially mine.. growing up in a musical house, working in radio as long as i did, and becoming one of those sad individuals who constantly have a soundtrack running in their heads to fit the situation. (does anyone else do that? just run commentating music behind everything they do?) but in a small venue like renaissance, obviously we can’t have a pipe organ. so we’ve been thinking about how to handle it. i’m still partial to the kazoo idea (and we still may do that for the recessional), but maybe a nice classical guitarist would be classy and unique.. and at the reception, sarah will handle the music. i will set up a playlist in itunes that will handle everything. (it’s nice to have skills.)

so there you go. really and truly, i apologize for this post. it’s really not much for you. it’s really for me to get all of this out of my head. when you bury yourself in overwhelming texts, it’s easy to drown in a sea of dupioni silk.

.. and by the way, you’ll notice “my dress” did not make the top 5.

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