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should auld acquaintance be FORGOT and NEVER brought to mind..

okay, so i typed that, and bryan asked me what does “auld lang syne” mean? so, of course, i gave him the usual older sister bullshit (that older sisters tell their younger siblings and know they’ll believe ’em), but he knew i really didn’t know, so we looked it up.

auld – old
lang syne – long ago

um.. okay. so what in the hell does the song mean?! that doesn’t even make sense. stupid scottish fuckers.

so last night was a perfect way to bring in the new year. we originally had big plans to go to prom at renaissance, but when all of huntsville realized that prom wasn’t so great the FIRST time around, and why would you willingly do it again, it was canceled. so we all packed into steph’s house for fondue and trivial pursuit.

which, by the way, I WON.

the girls TOTALLY kicked ass. (bryan disagrees, but he’s wrong.)

(bryan is a sore loser, because he doesn’t think they lost.)

then we all cried over dick clark. that was a helluva bummer when you’re excited about the new year. but good for him for carrying the torch. hillary duff was WAAAAY too skinny, by the by. i’m glad we all agreed on that.

other than that.. there were some very funny moments. elaine’s spittake was classic.. the comment “put it out before you put it on my thingie!”.. and everytime that something caught on fire. even the usually stoic jeff was in a spritely mood as we discussed step-parenting.

i hadn’t come up with any resolutions prior to the ball dropping (other than the obvious “you have to plan a wedding and fit into a smaller dress” resolution), but as i sat around last night, i realized i have an awful lot. there’s not much to improve when you’re happy with what you’ve got. so it was the perfect new year’s.

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