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Thanks, Dan Folgerberg

I’m very jazzy this afternoon.  I heard the Stevie Wonder/India Arie duet of “Merry Christmas to You” on the radio, so I’m singing it.  Somebody actually came by and wondered when I had brought a radio in.  But I really think they were trying to hit me up for fudge.

I LOVE CHRISTMAS.  Gosh, it’s wonderful.  And my favorite part of the season is undeniably the music.  I love singing it, humming it, having it play in shopping malls.. it’s great.  My favorite thing ever is hearing songs that, because you only hear them once a year, stir up memories.

Ours is “Another Auld Lang Syne” by Dan Folgerberg.  Our adoration of Dan Folgerberg was what kind of superficially got us talking.  Not many people would be able to pull his name out of thin air, nor name some of his lesser known works, but we both could.  It was a-dork-able.  Truly.

I still remember this like it was yesterday.. walking into the Playhouse, seeing him at the stage manager’s table stage left, and wandering over.  “We missed you at Open Mic Night last night,” I told him.

He smiled, “Yeah, I heard you sang.  I heard you were wonderful.  I’m really sorry I couldn’t be there.”

“Do you sing?” I asked him.

“I could really jam to some Dan Folgerberg,” he said, smiling.  It was as if a choir of angels began behind us.

“You KNOW Dan Folgerberg?!” I asked, incredulously.


Our first date was about a week later, at Open Mic Night.  It was such a fantastic night; I was the belle of the ball.  I sang with Delle for a bit, all of my close friends were there, and there was this guy.  I felt such a deep, immediate connection with this guy.  He kept repositioning the lights to be more flattering on me while I was singing, but in reality, he was just finagling for a better seat.  A closer seat. 

That night, he drove me home.  We sat, our teeth chattering, in his Pathfinder.  And “Another Auld Lang Syne” came on the radio.  We giggled.  No matter how aggressive he’s been since then, I win the crown of initiating the first kiss.  He said he felt like he was clearly out of his league, and was scared to make a move.  I, however, crawled across the median and softly laid my lips on his.  Maybe it was the heat, the synthetic fibers, the fact I was wearing fake hair.. but the spark was undeniable.  It was not static electricity.

Our year is coming up ever so fast.  About a week from now.  And I’m still feeling the spark every time he’s close to me.. and Dan Folgerberg still gives me butterflies.

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Staying Healthy

So last night, John Tesh gave some hints about staying healthy this holiday season.  Y’all know how crazy I am about John Tesh, so I took his advice to heart.  Some of them, and how I’m following them:

  • Eat plenty of orange fruits and vegetables for the beta carotene.  I actually had a tangerine this morning for breakfast, as well as one last night.  So I think I’m good.
  • Adopt a pet.  Apparently, the germs and gook that pets bring in and around the house builds your immunity as well as lowers your blood pressure.  I think this, alone, will make our house the healthiest one on the planet.  But just to ward off any oncoming colds.. Bryan and tB are moving the cats in tonight.  Might I remind you, Mabel has never seen a cat before.  So I’m not sure this will lower anyone’s blood pressure for awhile.
  • Laugh and sing.  I hit the stage tomorrow night again, which will have me singing.  And, let’s face it, I’m a laugher anyway.
  • Remember the holiday.  This was my favorite tip.  There is so much to be thankful for, so much to be grateful for, and so much to celebrate around this time of year.  Family, friends, love and being loved.. it even makes being sick bearable.

So what other home remedy tips do you have for staying well?

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I be so sleepy this morning.

Bryan and I didn’t fall asleep till, like, three this morning.  We just got to talking and giggling and laughing and commiserating and before we knew it, I had to be up in three hours.  But like I told him this morning, it was TOTALLY worth it.

Due to extenuating circumstance, I ended up at Lee last night for the one-act rehearsal.  I got to chat with Viv for a bit and help out with costumes, so that was fun.  I haven’t seen the kids since district, so it was fun to catch up with them too.  And of course, I love that show. 

Ron was also there last night.  That man has my heart.  We crossed paths only rarely when I was in school there, but I took a few oral interp classes from him at UAH, and we really came to understand eachother.  He quickly picked up on the fact that I don’t like to be coddled or made a fuss over, so we have this great habit.  We will talk to eachother all evening, work together side by side, whatever.. and then, as we’re leaving, he’ll look at me and say, “Oh.  Hi, Sarah.” as if we’ve just then acknowledged eachother.  I say, “Oh.  Hi, Ron.”  And we both smile.

Ron is one of those people in theatre who is a complete person.  Everything he does is part of his character; even his props are perfect.  For example, no one else in the world would take notes for a show.. in a Bible.  He just wrote in the last few pages of a leather-bound, gilded-leaf bible.  Who else in the world would do that?  And, a man after my own heart, he gave the boys-in-tights this note.. “Boys, check yourself before you walk on stage in tights.  I thought I saw your monkey.”

After we all laughed and cut-up and we sent the children home, we went back to my house.  Bryan had some errands to run, and he crawled back into bed around 11:15.  Then we acted like little kids at a sleep-over till WAAAAY too late.  Or too early..?  Either way, I be so sleepy.

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For Waterpail

Because it’s not really MY recipe to give out, I’m afraid the Slap-Yo-Momma fudge will have to wait until I can get approval from the Comer clan.

However, Oprah and Rachel Ray did an equally easy fudge recipe, and also included cool variations on it for gift giving.  They actually made fudge wreaths, which aside from being ungodly easy, LOOK very cool as well.  I’m also excited to try the pomagranate (I know I slaughtered that poor fruit’s name) martini.  I like tart drinks.

So go to town!  People seem to think making fudge makes you a cook.  I walked around the little bit that was left to all of the managers downstairs, and this is a snippet of the responses:

“Oh, THIS is why he wants to tie you down!”

“You can type AND cook!  You’re the new IT girl!”


So there you go.  And when I find out that it’s okay, I’ll pass around the SYM fudge, which makes a HUGE portion.  It will also be available for those willing to help us move (ANDY-SHAMAN).

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Aeon Flux and Slap-Yo-Momma

I brought in a pound and a half of Slap-Yo-Momma Fudge this morning, and it was gone by eleven.  I’m just saying.  And I MADE THIS BATCH ALL BY MYSELF!!  I am such a good girl.  Add that to the list of things I can make and people will eat.  It’s a pretty short list.  Slap-Yo-Momma Fudge and cereal.

Bryan and I have compiled a list of things that we meant to do and have not.  This includes seeing: “Rent”, “Harry Potter/Goblet of Fire”, and “Chicken Little”; getting a Christmas tree; making use of the two crockpots he owns (who knew? moving unearths all sorts of stuff) with chili; and sleeping in.  Mmm.  That list looks nice.  Like a nice, long weekend.  THAT WE WILL NEVER HAVE.

I’m hesitant to buy a 2006 calendar, because I think it would just depress me.

I was just reminded by a pop-up ad that “Aeon Flux” is coming out soon.  You can add this to the list.  Bryan is excited because Charlize Theron is getting to do a role where she can be attractive, and I’m excited because I’ve been an Aeon Flux fan since its conception.  The animated series on MTV (remember Liquid TV?) was as good as porn when I was younger.. with the fluid lines, the limited dialogue, and the intense sexuality that was just THERE was amazing.  No nudity, no sex, no nothing.. but you KNEW there was some serious cartoon hanky-panky happening just two inches off-camera.  Can’t wait for the movie.

I’m so ready for Christmas.  The spirit is within me.  I’ve had my picture taken with Santa, the lights are up on the house, now I’m just lacking a huge Virginia pine and some peanut-butter balls (my FAVORITE Christmas cookie).  And I guess I should get some shopping done, too.. although I do have the yearly tradition of just going out on Christmas Eve.  It’s just such a happy day to shop.  Everyone’s in a great mood.  We saw the Lighthalls out last year.. it was good times.  I’m not the only procrastinator. 🙂

I wish I had brought more fudge.

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