What Social Media Says About You

I am, by no means, a social media expert. I have, however, been around this sandbox long enough to have noticed a thing or two about how it can be done well, how it can be done gracefully, and how you should never ever do social media.

About two weeks ago, there was this really horrid video that made the rounds called “Dear Fat People” or “What I’d Like to Say to Fat People” or something – the video has been taken down and I wasn’t able to find it when I wrote this. Full disclosure: I didn’t even watch the video. My autoplay on my phone ran it for a second or two, with no sound, and her gestures and animations were such that I thought, Meh, I’m not gonna give this my time.

But yet, the video showed up in my media feed because one of my friends liked it. Not just liked it, mind you, but commented “Yes! I love this!” when she saw it.

That person was my Beachbody coach.

That person has made money off of my being fat.

When Whitney Way Thore (from “My Big Fat Fabulous Life”) posted a response video, THAT I watched. And she did it the right way – using video excerpts from the original to combat the incredibly arrogant, hurtful, and thoughtless things that had been said about fat people. And as I watched it, I couldn’t help thinking, “Gah, my ‘coach’ saw this and thought I agree with these things about fat people and yet. Yet I am among them. Therefore, she thinks those things about me.”

I think people need to be aware – as we enter into election season, especially – that in most cases your “likes” and “comments” can be seen by everyone who is Friends with you. So even if you don’t post it, it may still appear on your timeline .. and looks like you’re endorsing it.

There’s a lot of things I’m willing to be okay with. Diversity of thought is FINE. I appreciate it, actually. I encourage it. We’re all grown adults and having people think differently is not only what makes this country great, but it’s where innovation comes from and where we all learn a little something. It’s in the dark, uncomfortable spaces that are unfamiliar to us. But thinking such vile and hateful things? Not okay. Even when I was trim and fit, I never, ever EVER thought it was okay to think these things.

I am fat. Look, until life eases up, I’m gonna be fat. That’s okay. It’s not okay to wish ill on me because of it.

By the way, this is me .. fat.

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2 Responses to What Social Media Says About You

  1. Cherie September 22, 2015 at 8:13 am #

    I really, really hope you sent her the second video. Not aggressively, just like: “If you are going to do your job, perhaps this viewpoint may be helpful.” I don’t know. I would. But then, I’m not very nice sometimes.

  2. Jen September 30, 2015 at 5:01 pm #

    You are stunning. And people sometimes really, really suck.

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