Pho Sho

My former-boss-current-friend Amanda took me to try pho some weeks back. I had heard of such a dish and was intrigued by its siren song of many toppings/additions, but my family is more of the “Are their chicken fingers on the menu?” type, so we never tried any.

One day, she and her husband (current-coworker) came to the office with what could be described as a small trash bag of stuff and two plastic tubs of broth. I WAS SOLD. Any meal that comes in a small trash bag has my full consent.

Since the fateful day that I learned the method – bean sprouts in first, to soften – I have been a pho junkie. I can make it super spicy! I can add TONS of shit in there! IT’S A GIANT BOWL OF TRASH BAG GOODNESS.

I have no deep thoughts tonight. Just longing for more pho.

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