To-Do List: 2014

The time has come (..”the Walrus said, to talk of many things..”) for me to figure out what I’d like to fail spectacularly possibly succeed at in 2014. Instead of concrete resolutions, I do a vague-ish To-Do List so that I’m not bound by time constraints and can try and work on them all year.

I typically toil and slave over these, but this year, 2013 wanted ONE MORE opportunity to ruin our plans and Tony woke up vomiting AGAIN today, almost two full weeks after we thought the stomach bug had left us. BASTARD YEAR. So here is the list that I’ve slap-dashed together to get in before midnight. THIS BODES WELL FOR 2014 PLANNING, YES?

Cook three weeknights a week. I have gotten terrible about cooking lately. I used to be great about meal planning and getting home-cooked meals on the table every night. But since, oh I don’t know, JUNE, I’ve really sucked at it. My waistline shows it too. We’re gonna get back on track. (BUT WE’RE REINSTATING THE RULE THAT I DO NOT COOK ON MONDAYS.)

Read more than I did last year. This should not be hard. Last year, I wanted to read one book a month. I read four books, if I recall. So hey! FIVE MAKES ME A WINNER.

Round out my marketable skill set. If I may say so, I am DAMN GOOD at what I do. That’s great, and it helps that I love what I do. But I’m ready to grow and learn a couple of new talents that will round out how much value I can bring to the table. I’ve found a couple if areas that I would enjoy learning and would make me an even more valuable asset.

ADVOCATE. Still on the work front – I think I’m pretty vocal about how I love what I do. But if there’s a single reader here who doesn’t know what I do, I’ve not done my full job. I’d like to be more of an advocate for the Space Launch System, so you guys can get as stoked about the return of human space flight as I am.

Balance my Mom Guilt. Bryan and I talked about this at length last night. I said I want to find more work/life balance – which I say every year – and he asked what I thought I was lacking. “Sarah,” he said, “You’re not a stay-at-home mom. You work. You LIKE working. That’s okay.” And I realized that maybe the problem is ME. So I’m going to figure out how to make peace with the fact that I am a mere mortal who cannot be in two places at once. If I can’t pick up Tony right after school, that’s OKAY. I’ll do something cool with him that weekend. Because I ALWAYS DO.

Get stronger. I miss my strong body. I was never, like, Army strong or anything, but I could run a couple of miles a couple of times a week. I could hold my own through Zumba. I could plank for a minute or so. While I don’t want to set a hard and fast goal around this, I would like to start finding that Me again. I need accountability – dude, ideally I need a partner to guilt me! – so I will be reporting on this. OFTEN.

Leave Huntsville. We did not leave town in 2013. GUYS. That’s terrible. I would like us to get out of town this year! Maybe for more than one night! Maybe FOR TWO NIGHTS.

Focus on my marriage. Bryan and I are incredibly fortunate. We have a really strong marriage and we genuinely enjoy eachother’s company. (I hate saying things like that out loud. Not because it’s not true, but because I feel like I’m testing fate, you know? ANYWAY.) As much as we like each other, we don’t always leave time for us. The kids come first, jobs second, life third, and we as a married couple run a distant fourth. So this year, I’d like to schedule time for us to get away and just be adults around each other. Maybe even find stuff to talk about that don’t involve the kids or jobs! December of this year will be ten years that we’ve been together, so might as well make something of that. (.. maybe ballroom dancing lessons?)

Learn to play an instrument. I dunno. I just want to. I’m pretty damn good at the triangle.


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  1. Lisa January 1, 2014 at 10:49 am #

    Wanna take a ballet class? I’ve been seriously considering this. I’ve decided maybe the gym is not my kinda fitness.

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