My Review of Our SleepNumber Bed.

I have thought many times that I’m already prepared for a newborn because it’s been since July that I’ve gotten any consistent sleep over consecutive nights. (I thought this even just this morning, as I drug my weary carcass into work.)

The problem initially was that Bryan is a snorer. He actually has pretty moderate-to-severe sleep apnea, which I think is worse than just run of the mill snoring; a constant noise is easy to drown out, but the illogical silence and sudden gasping for breath would rouse anyone. Seriously, they should try it on coma patients.

So we’d take turns: one night I’d sleep on our couch, the next night I got the bed while Bryan took the couch. And while two or three nights a week of sleep was good, it was taking a toll on our marriage.

(Also, it turns out, it was taking a toll on my hips.)

Yes, Bryan’s tried the CPAP – both the full mask and just the nose – and they don’t work for him. Next up is surgery, but man, we were looking for anyway to avoid surgery. That’s scary crap!

So we agreed on a king-sized bed. I argued that we’ve slept in hotel rooms just fine, and maybe the extra real estate between us would allow the sound to dissipate. I don’t know. It was me, grasping at straws. We went to Sams and tried out some mattresses, but weren’t really wowed by anything. We tried a couple of mattress stores and we weren’t blown over. So we went to a SleepNumber store.

SleepNumber starts by analyzing your body and how it distributes weight. I know it’s SHOCKING, but all of my stress is squarely in my hips! (Bryan didn’t have an obvious stress point.) So we began to try out the different models and found one in the middle range that was simply HEAVEN. It wasn’t the top of the line, memory foam SleepNumber bed, but it wasn’t the bottom rung basic model, either. It was a pillowtop with an adjustable base.

(We are now basically the old people from the Craft-o-Matic Adjustable Bed commercials now.)

It was delivered sooner than expected (YAY!), along with the fancy pillows and fancy nano-technology-infused sheets we also purchased. It’s now been almost two full months in the bed, so here’s my review.

The Pillows: As you may recall, I had recently purchased a pillow from Brookstone that I was in love with. Bryan had a MyPillow that he was less thrilled with. So we both decided on a new pillow (we needed king-sized pillows anyway). Mine was a memory foam for side or stomach sleepers; his has an air-intake valve for varying firmness. We’re both kind of “meh” about the pillows. To be honest, my Brookstone pillow was more comfortable, but this isn’t unbearable by any means. Bryan likes his new one more than his MyPillow, but that’s because he hated that MyPillow. Hated it.

The Sheets: DO NOT BE SUCKERED IN AS WE WERE. They sold us on some nano-technology within these sheets, that supposedly regulate your body temperature by absorbing the heat and redistributing it and keeping you cool. The first two nights, we both woke up SOAKED in sweat. (And I’m the always-cold pregnant lady!) The sheets feel extremely cheap – rough and scratchy, no matter how many washings – and the sheets cannot be returned. So do what we did – go buy some cheap sheets at Target or WalMart and make do. We sleep WAY better in normal sheets. Nano-Technology is not for us.

The Bed: All in all, we’re happy. It has not been a magic, life-altering experience, but perhaps we set our expectations a little high. I adore the adjustable base.. when heartburn kicks up, I can reach over with one hand and increase my incline without even really waking up. On days when my feet swell, I can put them up with the touch of a button. I really love that. As for the actual SleepNumber technology? Bryan and I were surprised to find out that our ideal numbers were actually exactly the same. So we probably just could’ve found a mattress to that specification and stuck it on an adjustable base. Sidenote: Tony, however, loves it. It’s his favorite thing in the world to randomly set one side to ZERO and then pretending he did nothing, leaving us to fall into a practically empty air mattress.

If we had it to do over again, we might have still gone with the same model bed and skipped the sheets and pillows – which, honestly, would’ve saved us a HUGE chunk of change. But the bed itself has been lovely, and I can only imagine as I get further in this pregnancy that the adjustable features will become more coveted.

These opinions are my own and we have not been compensated for any portion of this review. Trust me. Because, DAYUM, this stuff is costly.

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6 Responses to My Review of Our SleepNumber Bed.

  1. A'Dell January 8, 2013 at 2:29 pm #

    Interesting! I love this kind of thing. We HATE our mattress and it’s kind of been on the side list of Things To Think About Replacing for a while and Chris and I are always wondering if we should check these out.

    Crazy that you turned out to be the same number! So, would you buy the bed again? Or, knowing that you’re the same number and having slept on it for a while would you try to get a regular mattress that you both liked?

    • Sarah Lena January 8, 2013 at 2:30 pm #

      The part I’ve most loved is (by far) the adjustable base. If we could find a Craft-Matic or whatever that bed was in the 80s that had about a 45 firmness in SleepNumber terms? We’d have gone with that. In reality, I almost never change my number setting.

  2. Michelle Smiles January 8, 2013 at 2:41 pm #

    We are hoping to a King size this year. We have heard either love or hate from most sleep number folks – you are one of the few who seems rather neutral about it. I’ve heard more negative about the king size sleep number than queen (hard ridge in middle according to some). Husband thinks it is all over priced hype. I think he will have huge sticker shock when we shop for any mattress set. Heh. But man I need a few extra inches in the bed – he hogs.
    Michelle Smiles wants you to read ..Well lookie there…it’s 2013

  3. kate January 8, 2013 at 4:42 pm #

    We purchased, then returned, a king sized sleep number bed. We didn’t realize that the king size is 2 twin air beds separated by a board and since my husband and I are both over 6′, this was a problem. For me, it felt like I had to sleep in the dead center of my mattress and if I moved to either side, it felt like I was sinking between the mattress and the sideboard. No fun. Again, its was probably uncomfortable for us because of our height/build. It would have been nicer to have one mattress but I’m not sure the technology can work that way.
    Im glad its worked out for you, Sarah Lena. Not being able to sleep while you are pregnant is torture.

  4. Gwendolyn Rivers January 15, 2013 at 12:05 am #

    Glad that you found a remedy to your sleep problems. You and your husband wouldn’t have to sleep apart this tim because of the features of the airbed that can adjust the softness or firmness to your liking. May you have a wonderful pregnancy experience. It may be a tiring one but all is worth it when you see your baby safe and healthy. 🙂

  5. Rachel Matteson January 15, 2013 at 6:19 am #

    Well, not everything in this world can suit a certain person perfectly. There are things that the person himself or herself prefers despite the popularity of a certain product. Nevertheless, it is good that you have found a bed that is somehow better and perhaps have remedied your sleep problems.

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