Blah Blah Blah, pt. 574

Boy, I had a banner week last week, right? Like, TWO posts? I feel my Voice of the Year nod coming in ANY day now.


I am kind of in a funk lately. There’s a manifold of reasons why, and not all of them are interesting. However, I have a blog with available bullets, so let me subject you to my minutiae:

  • You know that “blog conference” I go to? That was in New Orleans this year? That I look forward to every year? Yeah, not going. Timing just ended up being not good, and finances needed to be put in a different avenue, and a million other grown-up bummers. It’s just hit me today that I would be heading out tomorrow evening. Instead, I’m .. not.
  • I’m tired. Sure, it’s pregnancy-tired, but it’s also work-stress tired, and school-overload tired, we’re-still-dealing-with-ADHD-issues tired, and not-consistently-sleeping-in-a-bed tired.
  • My house – more specifically, my bedroom – is a wreck. I am one of those folks who is actually impacted by the condition of my environment, and my current disarray is reflective in my mental state. I was trying to change wardrobes from Summer to Winter when I realized I was expecting, so now I can’t wear any of it, really, and I’m living from piles of clothes in the floor. Clothes are EVERYWHERE. I don’t blame Bryan for hating me over this.


Hey, but this. This makes me laugh so hard I’ll pee a little.

Try not to realize that, um, they’re probably fighting to the death, though, okay? Total buzzkill.


So we actually – against our initial judgement – stayed glue to the tv last night as election coverage rolled in. This election was interesting for me, as a Democrat in Alabama. Because I think I’m not really a Democrat in the grand sense of the word. I actually lean more Libertarian than anything else, but in Alabama, my main core beliefs are simply not conservative, so I’m a Democrat.

Because I’m a Dem in a red state, I don’t often talk about politics at work. I think that stuff is for your kitchen table or maybe your church luncheon. In general, we can happily have peaceful discourse, but I’m not looking to be “converted” nor am I looking to convert. But folks aren’t always receptive to that, and sometimes, they look to pick a fight.

I am also the first to admit that the two candidates were both human .. i.e. – they have flaws.

I walked in this morning and someone asked me if I had watched the coverage. I said yes, and they asked me how I voted. While I would NEVER ask someone this question (it rubs me as if they had asked my weight), I answered honestly. His explosive response surprised me. (Mostly because this guy gets major respect from me and I genuinely like him.) And I got a lot of that all day. It was “[my] fault” and “[my] people did this” and they “hope [I] get what [I] deserve”. Um. Really?

You know what’s most awesome about our country? The diversity and how we designed it to have a million checks and balances along the way. Even though I support Obama, he admittedly was not as effective as I would like because of said checks and balances. So I firmly believe – and did even Tuesday afternoon, before the votes were tallied – that there is not enough room in the Presidential office to allow any one man to completely break our nation over the course of four years.

“Well, what about eight years?” they spat at me.

“Dubya sure tried his damndest, didn’t he?” I responded.

Can we please just cross the aisle and make this all work already? We have BCS rankings to argue about.


There is no silver lining to this post yet and it feels like such a downer and I apologize. You’re probably now filling your bathtub so you can take a soak with a toaster after reading it. Please blame me in your note.


Okay, I leave you with this. This will still make me do a spittake but it is .. explicit. Funny, but explicit.

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4 Responses to Blah Blah Blah, pt. 574

  1. Erica November 7, 2012 at 8:27 pm #

    Ugh bummer on your coworkers. My old office was super democrat stronghold so we all rallied. It would be hard to deal with all that today. Sorry to miss you at the blathering.
    Erica wants you to read ..Vlog for the Blathering

  2. Andrew Berryman November 8, 2012 at 9:36 am #

    Spiderman! Spiderman! Does whatever a spider can! But I hope no one has EVER had a spider enter their vagina!!!

    I’ve gotten the same response at workplaces before when I’ve made my (political. religious) views known. Hell, growing up in North Alabama and having liberal views can conjure a pariah persona for oneself in (usually) very pious, God-fearing Christian conservatives eyes… at least in my experience growing up here. I do believe many people tend to see you as “other” when they disagreed with you. Sadly, I think it has affected my status in workplaces before also. So, I think it IS wise, unfortunately, to keep some opinions to oneself in certain situations. Know your audience!!!


  3. Erica November 16, 2012 at 11:47 am #

    Haaaaaa now I’m going to walk around all day muttering “Fuck you, Narnia!”
    Erica wants you to read ..There were miniature desserts too, but my mouth got to them before my camera

  4. BrownBabys November 16, 2012 at 3:43 pm #

    I have no qualms (at this late stage in my life!) telling anyone it is none of their business who I voted for. IT ISN’T.

    To want change is one thing but to continue a campaign of hate and dissent is quite another. Your co-worker was overemotional and combative to say the least.

    That being said, I pray you will continue to love people in spite of their flaws. I have no doubt you will! You are, and remain, my darling daughter Dora. xx

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