Health and Gunky Lungs

I still have gunk in my lungs. I am tired of having gunky lungs. I woke up yesterday feeling a little better, but then I did a bit too much yesterday and I’m feeling like I have rocks in my head again today. I am ready to get out. I haven’t run in weeks due to this cold, but I’m not near ready yet. I feel like this is making me a fat ass.

Part of gunky lungs is that all I’m hungry for is really spicy or really sweet. I’ve had ice cream almost every night because it feels good on my throat. Oh, also, I crave really sour. I’m just not wanting anything solid or healthy or whatever.

My sick food is always coconut soup and curries, and I’ve been indulging a little bit in that. AndreAnna’s got a great recipe for coconut soup, but it looks too complex for my current stamina level, so it’s mostly just been me making Puss-n-Boots eyes at Bryan and begging him to go get some for me.


I’ve been trying to write meaningful posts in my head as I’ve been sick, but I had, like, actual writing deadlines for places other than this, and then my creativity is completely sapped when I get back here. I can tell you that I’m trying to put together my thoughts regarding the recent stories of Chick-Fil-A and the Boyscouts of America reaffirming their “traditional” stances.. but I’m not sure I truly have a complete theology around it yet. We are a houseful of boys, though, so I feel like I should be ready. Because it’s coming.


I’ve had three cans of this today. Because it’s tart and fizzy and it makes me feel better. I’m pretty sure it’s not as healthy as I want to believe it is, though.


My sister is getting married in two weeks. I haven’t mentioned it much here because it’s all kind of coming together last minute and to be honest, she doesn’t like having a fuss made over her. If it were up to her, we’d all just watch a YouTube video of them signing the papers at the courthouse and then leave her the hell alone so she could take a nap or something. (.. this, actually, sounds very nice to me too.)

But because we are Italian, something must be done. At the very least, a meal with alcohol. This time, we are working to NOT intoxicate the children because we learn from our mistakes.

We spent a .. goodly amount of time yesterday “crafting” for the wedding, which basically means we were stealing ideas from Pinterest and only following them sort of as we slapdashed our way through it. The best part of this wedding is that we purposefully chose a “rustic” theme, which is code for, “No, it’ssupposed to look like a drunk hillbilly made it”.

If nothing else turns out well, I am just excited because Jenni and I are having hair and makeup done. We are not the type to splurge on stuff like that, so this is extra special fancy. I might even get an updo, y’all.


On a very polarizing topic – health care in America – my big corporate company is making two large changes in insurance this coming year. 1) we now have to make paycheck contributions (I know; we are INSANELY fortunate that until now, the insurance that covers my entire family has been $0 out of my pocket) and 2) they are mandating that we have health screenings.

Now, there are folks who feel that the health screenings are bad, and are meant to prevent folks with pre-existing conditions from getting good coverage. But our screenings are administered by a third-party and are homogenized into one big ole “here’s the health of your employees” pie chart or whatever, so I don’t mind them. Also, I am healthy, so there’s that.

We had a blood draw to determine our cholesterols and glucoses and whatever, and dude, I ROCKED THOSE NUMBERS. I mean, I was OFF THE CHARTS GOOD. Even my glucose – which I was worried about, since I’d had OJ prior to the test even though I was supposed to fast – was really really good. But my BMI? Was in the obese category.

THIS MAKES ME CRAZY. I run three times a week. I am really very good with my diet. I cook for my family using coconut oil and fresh vegetables and organic meats. I drink a LOT of water.  I am not as small as I have been pre-kids, but I am strong.*

But because there’s this stupid indicator of BMI that calls me obese, I will be called three times a week by some health coach who wants to help me “improve my health”. Dude, I’m okay. I’ve got this. (Now, if you’re THAT concerned, you may pony up or at least cover through insurance the funds to have lipo peformed all over my body. That’d be fine too.)

* All of these things are true when I am not sick. When I am sick – aka RIGHT NOW – all bets are off.


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3 Responses to Health and Gunky Lungs

  1. Ellen July 23, 2012 at 2:24 pm #

    My employer also instituted health screenings two years ago. Ours are optional, but if you fall within their ranges you get discounts on insurance, so it made sense for me. My only major problem with the program so far is that the first year, the in-office person screwed up my cholesterol test and wasn’t going to let me retake it until I kicked up an almighty fuss. (They shouldn’t have said “Now it’s okay if you don’t pass”…) Now I have to pay $20 for my own doc to do the tests, but she rocks and it’s worth it.

    Like you, I am over on BMI and great in all other categories. If I were only “normal”… which in my case means matching my weight from the 6th grade, which I’m sure is a super healthy idea.

  2. Melissa July 24, 2012 at 8:04 am #

    I hope you’re feeling better!

    I saw a quick blurb on the news this morning regarding the Jim Henson Company severing ties with Chick-Fil-A. (Good for them!!) I know you have lots of comments on that topic and I’m anxious to read them!


  3. Jesabes July 24, 2012 at 7:31 pm #

    THREE TIMES A WEEK? I’d want to kill whomever was calling. That’s ridiculous.

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