This Weekend, If My Site Decides Not to Eat It.

Y’all, I don’t know. I wrote a totally introspective piece that, yes, maybe leaned a little on the emo side, and then my site ate it promptly six hours later. I don’t know. Every feed reader in existence picked it up, but my site acts as if it NEVER EVEN HAPPENED. I don’t know. It is not anywhere on this site. I DON’T KNOW.

If you are hacking my shit, please stop. (That should take care of that.)

This weekend was a lot of me at the office. So I’ll spare you that. Well, sort of.

Friday, I unexpectedly had to work until 7:30. I had men all over the city running to pick up kids (.. I knew these men, to be clear)(and they were MY kids, to also clarify; these were not just random strangers stealing children), and I didn’t make it home until 8:00. I was pretty peeved about that.

The boys, however, had a blast. They went to a men’s barbershop – WHY ARE THEY OLD ENOUGH TO VISIT A BARBERSHOP, I ASK YOU?! – and had special haircuts. Well, Jack and Bryan did. Tony regaled all that would listen with re-enactments of the last episode of Power Rangers Samurai. He’s getting quite good at “samuraizing”, as he calls it.

After the hot towels and neck massages and whatever else they do at those places, they came home with their chests puffed out. I’m surprised they didn’t just whip it on out and pee everywhere, such was the testosterone flowing through their veins. Because it was so late, almost everyone turned in. Especially me because working till 7:30 makes me T-I-R-E-D.

AND! Also! I had a date in the morning. Katie from Running (as is her name in my house) and Marsha from Running both picked me up at 6:45 so we could go run downtown. Why? BECAUSE WE ARE INSANE. That’s what makes us good runners, you see. We are the kind of people who will spray sunscreen directly in our eyes and then run several miles like a pirate. We are practically olympians.

(I am not kidding when I say that I dreamed that about applying sunscreen to myself on Friday night.)

We met up with lots of other Running Friends (and I LOVE THIS ABOUT RUNNING) and we all lined up, two or three deep in the street, and ran lots of miles. It was pretty awesome. I actually had a REALLY good run. I kept about a 13 min pace, which is okay for me, but I kept my intervals (run 3:00, walk 1:00) through the entire course. I usually give in about 2.5 miles in and walk the rest. So I was pretty stoked.

We all piled back in the van post-run, drove-thru for some chocolate milk, and then they dropped me off curbside.

A good employee? Would’ve probably showered and changed before heading into work.

I totally did not do that.

Okay, full disclosure. I wanted to shower. Because I smelled BAD. And I knew that. But I had scheduled the starting time of the day, and I was already running late for the SATURDAY that I HAD SCHEDULED. You see what rock and hard place I was in between, right? So I thought, I didn’t even WANT to work today, so this will punish them for asking me.

Well, so, here’s the thing I realized about THREE HOURS after I got there.

When you’re running and with runners and whatnot, there are certain things that are forgiven, and not even really acknowledged. Smell is among those things. Bodily functions in general are not really acknowledged. I am not a marathon runner, but I’ve seen COUNTLESS pictures of people who run marathons and seriously don’t stop to use the bathroom, IF YOU CATCH MY DRIFT. Okay, so that is not where I was going with this, lest you think I just went into work having shit my pants earlier.

But another one of those things that runners generally don’t acknowledge is the fact that most sports bras don’t do much .. by way of .. hiding .. erect nipples. And after you run for a long time, your blood is flowing. So. Even after you run ..


Anyway, I worked all day Saturday. Got home around 4:00.

Saturday night, everyone turned in pretty early as well. Mostly because I was tired, BUT ALSO because Bryan and Jack were joining Kim for a trail running session! Kim, God love her, offered to take a bunch of beginners trail running on Sunday morning and I totally volunteered the boys to go. Kim is the insane exercise maven who RAN A MARATHON ON TRAILS ON SATURDAY, and then volunteered to take these newbies out for a 4 mile trek.

(Jack looks unsure.)


About the time I got to this point, our power went out. It was out for the next three hours. So technically, this is the next morning, but I’m not about to go back through and change tenses.


Anyway, Jack and Bryan held their own on the trails until Jack’s knee started bothering him, so he and Bryan walked the rest of the trail. They were the token males of the group, so their stride was so much longer than everyone else’s that walking was just fine. NOW EVERYONE KNOWS MY PAIN AND WHY I WALK SO FAST.

So the reason I really wanted to get through this last night was because I was really, really proud of Jack yesterday.

Jack’s mom works in a special needs classroom at their local elementary school. (“their” elementary school because it’s a good 45 minutes away from us.) As such, Jack tends to do things like volunteer there, and with Special Olympics, and all sorts of amazing things that my heart is just too weak to list here.

We stopped by the bookstore at the boys’ request after dinner, and there was a mentally disabled man playing with the train set in the kids’ section. THIS ROCKED TONY’S WORLD. He wanted to go play with the trains, but.. that man was there. A MAN. I was off browsing on my own while Bryan was with the boys, so when they found me, Tony would talk of nothing else. He kept glancing longingly back at the trains. “I want to play with the trains,” he’d whisper.

So Jack took him back there. When we came back, the gentleman was dutifully reciting an episode of Thomas the Train for the boys while acting it out with the appropriate trains, and Tony was riveted. Jack was smiling and cheering him on. He had already made friends with the man’s guardian, and they were chatting it up too.

When we left, we all told them goodbye and Jack said, “It was so nice to meet y’all; have a great day!”


He is amazing.

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  1. Katie ( from running!) May 21, 2012 at 8:05 am #

    Your boys were so awesome on the trail run Sunday morning!! I felt like I knew them the minute they stepped out of the car. Jack didn’t complain once ….. unlike me (ask Kim M. who was is front of me and literally had to pull me along at one point). And Bruan was very courteous and friendly, as he pointed out rocks and roots we were likely trip and kill ourselves over. All while he had ro dodge low hanging branches the rest of us didn’t have to worry about. I love how Jack interacted with the special needs man . What an awesome guy!

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