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So I read a LOT of blogs but posts I really enjoy are those along the lines of my “Stuff I’ve Bought Lately” posts. I am downright addicted to reading what other people have purchased and what they thought of it. AndreAnna, for instance, has brought chocolate almond milk into my life and GAME CHANGER, Y’ALL.

But one of my favorite posts over the last little bit was when Linda walked us through her usual beauty routine and the stuff that she uses in the process. Shit was downright FASCINATING, y’all. Not even kidding; I wish she had done a video blog (I refuse call them vlogs) because I was that intrigued.


Sadly, I didn’t think to grab you a Before and After shot of my face, because, well, honestly? Honestly, I ran this morning and it was hot and then I had a margarita (or two) for Cinco De Mayo and to be honest, I’m probably a little drunk. BUT DON’T WORRY – I do my best blogging when I’m drunk. Also when I’m suffering from heatstroke.

When I can hit both of those targets, I feel like I’ll FINALLY be nominated for that Voice of the Year prize.

So, assuming I’ve just gotten out the shower and wrapped my hair in a turbie twist? This is what I do.

I have INSANELY dry skin. So the minute I step out of the shower, I slather one of two moisturizers on my face, depending how dry it truly is. If it’s just normal, I’ll use the product on the left, One Love Organic’s Skin Savior. It’s a balm/salve kind of thing that actually works as a waterless makeup remover as well, but I almost always use it as a moisturizer. It’s lighter and absorbs really quickly.  If my skin is really dry, I’ll use the product on the right, which is Vichy night cream that they don’t make anymore. But I plan to use it until it’s gone and then I’m going to buy a full size of their Aqualia Thermal 24 hour cream. I have become addicted to Vichy skin products – they remind me of the thick, luxurious creams my grandmother would use. (Actually, so does the Skin Savior .. she was a HUGE advocate of Albolene cream!)

Next, I slather myself from head to toe (not even exaggerating – DRY SKIN, Y’ALL) in body lotion. I didn’t take a picture of what I’m using now because I forgot, but it’s Neutrogena Norwegian Moisture Wrap lotion. Then I use this new deodorant, and while I’m not one to really praise a deodorant, I really really like this. I am italian BUT have sensitive skin. So I have a five o’clock shadow immediately after shaving but horrendous razor burn. This stuff – Dove’s ClearTone Deodorant – really does make a difference. My skin has lightened in my underarms and it doesn’t get NEARLY as irritated. And it smells good!

Then, for reals, I go do something for ten minutes. Sometimes it involves a spinach smoothie, sometimes it involves oatmeal, sometimes I just go read a blog or two, but I give all of that stuff about ten minutes to soak in before I proceed.

Hey! I’m back! Now it’s time for Perricone MD’s No Foundation Foundation. I honestly didn’t think I’d care for this stuff when I bought it, but five months later, I’m downright addicted to it. It’s almost a tinted moisturizer, but it also has mica and .. I dunno, stuff.. to make you look dewy as well. And it’s got SPF30, but it feels like you’re not wearing anything at all. It’s exactly what I need. I love it because I can put it on in the morning, then go running outside for 45 minutes, and then still look good. My hint to you, if you go with this: after putting on moisturizer first, you won’t need a full pump of this stuff. Put your thumb nail about half way down the pump .. neck (?), and then you’ll only get out half of a pump before your nail stops it. That’s plenty.

I know that a lot of these products are officially “splurges”. There are few things I will spend more money on – namely, my skin – and others I will skimp on. My eyebrows are a bit unruly. Each eyebrow grows in two different directions. So when I was young and on stage a lot, someone showed me the ingenious trick of using clear mascara to tame them. Since then, for literally ten years, I’ve been a devotee to CoverGirl’s Professional Natural Lash mascara .. on my eyebrows. I know there are some fancy brow products out there and I’m sure they’re lovely, but this does the job for me .. at about $3.

Another splurge-y item is Urban Decay’s Naked2 palette. I worried that I would regret using a Christmas gift card on this, but I’ve literally used it every day, for LOTS of different looks. My go-to daytime look is to mix Half-Baked and Bootycall (the second and third from the left) from brow bone to lash line, and then sweep Suspect (a fawn color in the middle) in the crease. It’s natural, it’s pretty, it’s a tiny bit shimmery.

Next is my Sooper Sekret Eye Trick. 1) Curl your eyelashes. Everyone should do this! Makes a world of difference. Seriously. I use a regular ole drugstore metal eyelash curler. Had this same one for probably five or six years. (Replace the rubber pads every six months.) BUT. If you’re wanting a bit of drama that opens your eye and “wakes up” your face – run your hairdryer over your eyelash curler for about 30-45 seconds. It will warm it up – DON’T BE STUPID AND PUT HOT METAL ON YOUR EYELID, NOW – and will in essence offer a curling iron for your lashes. Seriously, this is a game changer.

So your eyelashes are awesome now, right? Before we add mascara, I like to add just a leeeetle more drama there. Draw a very thin line right on your lashline with a kohl liner. I use L’Oreal Voluminious Smoldering Eyeliner in Noir because that’s what I have. I wish they had it in a rich navy or even an olive, because that would really look awesome with my hazel eyes, but alas. Anyway, like I said, draw a thin line along your lashline. Then take a brush like this…

.. which is just a flat-tipped liner brush (I use a Sonia Kashuk brush that I don’t see available now, but here’s a similar – if not better – option) and smudge the liner into your lashline. This just adds a little fullness behind your lashes in a soft way, especially since you now have those insanely curly lashes.

Lastly, a coat of my all-time favorite mascara ever in the history of eyelashes. Blinc Mascara is simply the best product you can use. It NEVER flakes off, never smudges, and never budges. I was stuck in Austin airport for 30 hours – during which I cried a lot – and when I finally landed in Atlanta, my eyes were still PERFECT. I mean, puffy and red, but my lashes were awesome. It uses some sort of sorcery to paint your lashes with tubes – and I know it sounds gimmicky, but the first time you use it, YOU’LL SEE. All it takes is warm water and light pressure to pull the tubes off. (And they scare the bejeezus out of your husband, who then believes them to be tiny spiders.)

And that’s it! I randomly use some lip product, but I don’t have a lip color/balm/tint whatever that I swear by. That’s my routine!

So what else do I need here?


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9 Responses to Take a Peek in My Cabinet

  1. LizzeV May 5, 2012 at 9:10 pm #

    I want those eye shadows! Even if they are in warm tones. But I just took a look at their first palate, it’s full of neutral cool tones. Yes, I’m beyond needing my eyelids to be blue, green or purple. I hear you with the eyebrows, but since mine have thinned, I’ll use my old marcara & a brow-comb to keep them together. Thanks for sharing.

    • Sarah Lena May 6, 2012 at 3:10 pm #

      I actually looked at their first palette the other day and aren’t those colors lovely, too? I may have to splurge on those as well. Maybe those will be NEXT Christmas’s present to myself. 🙂 I will occasionally use some color on my eyes – typically purple, and it’s FAINT – but I work with engineers. Color startles them.
      Sarah Lena wants you to read ..Take a Peek in My Cabinet

  2. Nanette May 6, 2012 at 9:51 am #

    I love this post, as well as your other “stuff I bought” posts! 🙂 I’ve been thinking I need to do one, but after I Instagram-ed a bunch of stuff I bought recently, a friend joked, “Wow! You like to shop!” So now I’m feeling a bit self-conscious about my spending — or at least sharing it. This “how I get ready” post might be a nice happy medium, though, because it’s stuff I presumably haven’t bought all at once.

    My apologies for the verbal diarrhea above. DOH!
    Nanette wants you to read ..Friday Five: Hello Kitty corner

    • Sarah Lena May 6, 2012 at 3:12 pm #

      I know my posts come across that way too. But in reality, most of my loves are samples that I either got through Birchbox or Sephora. And some times, I’ll feature a product that I’ve had for MONTHS and just then got around to talking about it.

      Either way, what I’m saying here is WRITE YOUR POST SO I CAN READ IT ALREADY.
      Sarah Lena wants you to read ..Take a Peek in My Cabinet

  3. Jesabes May 7, 2012 at 11:46 am #

    I went straight to Sephora’s website and ordered some of that Blinc mascara. I’ve never heard of it!
    Jesabes wants you to read ..Pro tip

  4. Jessica May 7, 2012 at 4:34 pm #

    Oh, I think I need the Blinc mascara. I’ve been using the Clinique Lash Power, or something, which is also a tube mascara but I like to try new things!
    Jessica wants you to read ..Jacobism

  5. Suzy Q May 7, 2012 at 6:55 pm #

    I’ve seen that Blinc mascara before, but it scares me! I have no idea why. Do you really use it AFTER curling your lashes? I curl mine always. And does it really just wash off when you want it to, and without pulling out your lashes? Hold me, and tell me everything will be all right.

  6. Laura Diniwilk June 22, 2012 at 7:24 am #

    I’m pretty sure you can get the Vichy cream you love from BeautyFix – I have a blog post talking about what an amazing service it is if you want to come check it out. I don’t normally like pimping my blog in the comment section of people I don’t know, but I’m here from the trackback thingie in Linda’s comments. I’m excited to try some of the products you’ve mentioned, since there are others I agree with 100% (I am also Italian with the same underarm issues; Dove is my favorite.)

  7. Laura Diniwilk June 22, 2012 at 7:25 am #

    And I know I know you from Twitter, but I do believe this is the first time I’ve been to your blog. Adding it to my reader 🙂
    Laura Diniwilk wants you to read ..June 2012 BeautyBox Five Review

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