Well, I’ll Be the Easter Bunny.

So Tony’s fear of Santa has been well documented here. But for some reason, for every ounce of fear and loathing he has for Santa Claus, he LOVES the Easter Bunny that much more. It’s bizarre. Because, personally, I find the vacant eyes and bulbous head of the Easter Bunny ENTIRELY more frightening.

Tony voluntarily goes to see the Easter Bunny. He reminds us, even, because we kind of hate going to see him. But Tony looks forward to it, and relishes the trip. Tonight, he reminded us that “Saturday night is when the eggs come out and hide themselves” and oh, hey, TIME FOR MY TRIP TO SEE THE EASTER BUNNY.

He was pissed at me because I made him put on nicer clothes. He hates anything button up and he had been wearing a Darth Vader shirt (his second this week as a matter of fact) and he thought THAT would be the shirt ole EB would want to see. But if I’m paying $35 for two minutes on the lap of a plushy and a CD, you’d better be sporting a collar on that shirt.

As we were driving home, I asked how the trip was. “The Easter Bunny .. was kind of different,” he said. I asked what he meant, because really? It was a giant bunny. “His face was different,” he said. “And his ears.”

I smiled that smug little parental smile we all have as I thought, Oh, he’s growing up and he’s seeing the costume for what it is. How bittersweet.

For no reason other than curiosity, I found last year’s picture. And I’ll be damned. It was A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT RABBIT.

Last Year:

(And to further screw with your head – he’s wearing JACK’S shirt in that picture)

This Year:


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4 Responses to Well, I’ll Be the Easter Bunny.

  1. Dawn April 4, 2012 at 9:01 pm #

    Well one out of two isn’t bad…would have been nicer if he went for the non-dead eyed one but cute picture nonetheless. And really amazing that he remembered how the costume was different last year.

    My daughter’s one and only picture with ol’ EB was when she wsa 15 months old and sat on his lap smirking and waving for a good 15 minutes. That…might have been her quota for her life.

  2. LizzieV April 4, 2012 at 10:36 pm #

    The same way my 3-year-old daughter remembered that the Easter Bunny put money in the eggs last year. Because on Planet Kid, that stuff is important. (Putting toys up is not that important.)

    (Dang, I guess I need make a new blog post. It’s been a month since the last one….)
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  3. Aunt Gee April 5, 2012 at 8:29 am #

    Just tell him the Easter Bunny got a dye job and botox. He’s gotta keep sharp for the paparazzi. I mean, the Easter Bunny is at least 100 years old. Don’t TELL me he hasn’t had any work done….
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  4. Michelle April 6, 2012 at 2:24 pm #

    I am impressed that he wants to see the Easter Bunny. Peanut flees both the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus (or anything in a costume) like they are monsters.

    It always blows my mind away with what they can remember. Peanut, who will turn 4 this summer, still talks about the time we went to see the dolphins a month after she turned two.
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