Recipe: Picante Pot-Roast

Behind this unattractive picture lies a 15 minute meal. Yes, you heard me right.

Ah ha! You’re now not so harsh on the picture, are you? I’VE WEAKENED YOU.

Picante Pot-Roast was one of the first meals I ever kind of derived myself. It was born, as are most amazing things, out of necessity. We are both working parents, and before I’d learned of the glory that is the Crock Pot, I often stumbled into the kitchen after work bleary-eyed but determined that we eat a decent meal.

Years later, I still keep the ingredients for this at the ready most weeks, because it’s also low in gluten and dairy. (More on this later, but .. for a little while at least, I’m trying to give up dairy/lactose because of stomach issues.)

Picante Pot Roast

(Serves 2-3)

  • One pre-packaged tray of  roast in aus jus (they usually weigh 1 lb or more)
    Example of what I’m referring to here
  • 1 C of Picante Sauce (brand/heat is your choice, and don’t feel like brand name will matter)
  • Side dish of your preference

Cook the roast in the microwave according to directions. When finished cooking, slit a small hole in the tray and drain all the juices (au jus!) into a pan. Leave the meat in the tray for now. It will be fine there.

About now is usually a good time to begin preparing your side dish, because it will only take about 10 minutes from this point on till chow time.

Add the 1 C picante sauce to pan and stir well to combine. Heat until boiling. Add the meat and reduce heat. Cook uncovered for 10 minutes or however long you feel like letting it reduce until sauce is thicker and yummier. Serve and enjoy!

There’s so much room for playing in this!

I typically serve it with a couscous because .. well, I love couscous and I would eat it with anything. But I particularly like it with a parmesan couscous because I feel like the nutty flavor cuts the spice a bit. I didn’t have any on hand last night, so we had brown wild rice instead. Also, my mom had given me a bottle of Rick Bayless sauce to try and I used that in place of most of the picante sauce. (I ended up going 1/3 Picante, 2/3 Rick Bayless.) OH WOW. Great sauce, Mom! The heat was nice, but there was so much depth and smokiness to the flavor .. almost had a sweet finish! Think of a quality mole sauce .. it was that nice! Of course, you can buy it at the link above, but I’ve also heard rumor that Target is now carrying the line as well. (I think Mom got it at Whole Foods, which means it was a trip to get there since we don’t have one here!)

It doesn’t make a lot, which is perfect for the nights that it’s Bryan and Tony and I. Tony lives only on cheese sandwiches and chicken nuggets, so Bryan and I get to lick the pan clean!

Hope y’all enjoy that we all spend more time cooking in the new year!

3 Responses to Recipe: Picante Pot-Roast

  1. BrownBabys December 30, 2011 at 1:06 pm #

    All of Rick Bayless’ sauces have impressed me, but the Chipotle Garlic is my fave. Glad you like it too. Yes, it does have a wonderful depth of flavor!

    The recipe on the back calls for a steak-type meat (beef filets or ribeyes) with carmelized onions. I serve it with warm flour tortillas and lime crema. The lime crema really makes this dish special!

  2. BrownBabys December 30, 2011 at 1:07 pm #

    P.S. I can’t wait to try it with the piquant sauce and pot roast!

  3. TheBookMamma December 31, 2011 at 10:35 am #

    You know this is my favorite recipe of yours – we make it almost weekly!
    Also – can you steer me toward your favorite green fruit smoothie recipes? We want to try them for breakfast and see if we like them.

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