What the Boys are Getting for Christmas

My house is a very weird mix of boys. We span entire decades. It is not at all out of place for me to be shopping for diapers and skateboards in the same outing. Such is our lives.

(Although – fortunately for us – I haven’t shopped for diapers in about a year.)

Anyway, here’s what the boys have to look forward to under the tree.

THE BIG GIFTS (from the Jolly Old Man, if you get what I’m saying here)

Santa visits are a blessing and a curse. Blessing: cute pictures. Curse: different toy request every time. We started with a Buzz Lightyear, which was the constant for eight months of the year (!!), and then moved on to Batman Gloves (?) and then Batman cape and shoes (??), and a Space Station (Caillou got one), and now a skateboard (!!!). I flat out said no to the skateboard, as the child hasn’t even mastered walking without falling. But I liked the idea of the space station .. especially since that’s what I do for a living. So the Imaginext Space Shuttle Tower is Tony’s big present.

Because it’s apparently the Year of the Batman in our home, Jack has been begging for Batman Arkham City. We enjoyed the first one (although, personally, it’s a bit dark I think), so we agreed. Also, we’re replacing a Belle-chewed copy of Madden, but upgrading him to Madden 2012.

OTHER GIFTS: (You know, from less important people than the Jolly Old Man)

Both boys are getting an Airzooka. Which was mightily hard as everyone quickly sold out of them online and no one locally carried them. I just thought it was an easy, fun toy to give two boys and let them .. shoot air at eachother.

Aside from his love of video games, Jack ADORES puzzles. This “Rush Hour” game from ThinkFun looked like a great small gift, and something that could keep him entertained for long periods of time.

You know how sometimes kids associate weird milestones with their ages? Tony announced on his fourth birthday that Santa agreed that, since he was FOUR now, he was old enough to get “the circle game? with the ball?” And after WEEKS of questioning and investigating, I realized this is what he meant. So .. sure, kid!

I don’t even know if this is the one I bought him, but OBVIOUSLY, we are totally psyched that Alabama is playing for the National Championship this year. I almost never buy a championship shirt BEFORE the game – I don’t know, it feels like a jinx – but I bought one for Jack this year so he could be the cool kid on the block.

Back to the weird milestone thing, Tony decided to ask Santa for goggles. I don’t know. But if nothing else, it did inspire me to sign him up for more swim lessons in January.  My kid is so weird.

I also bought a LOT LOT LOT of stocking stuffer type stuff from ThinkGeek. I’ll be honest with you here – and they’re not paying me at all to say this – the gifts I can COUNT on being a hit always come from ThinkGeek. In a house filled with pseudo-hipsters who dabble in the chic geek, I can’t go wrong there. Plus you rack up “Geek Points”, which is actually how I earned a free Airzooka this year.

Anyway, that’s the majority of our gifts this year. What gift are you proud you scored this season?


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2 Responses to What the Boys are Getting for Christmas

  1. Jessica December 22, 2011 at 3:03 pm #

    I found a Melissa and Doug stove top on sale at a game store in the mall yesterday. The box was a bit mangled which is why it was $10 off. I had already purchased some wooden food, but hadn’t gotten around to making a cardboard stove/kitchen set. Which was highly ambitious in the first place!!

  2. Jesabes December 22, 2011 at 10:01 pm #

    I have that rush hour game. It’s fun!
    Jesabes wants you to read ..I take it all back

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