A Weekend of Nothing

I soooooo needed last week.  Even though I slept in exactly ZERO times last week, and got exactly a grand total of ONE (1!) nap, not having to be anywhere all week was glorious.  And.. honestly.. made me itch to go back to work.

But!  Good times!

Thursday night, we attended a local arena football game — which was odd in a reason I couldn’t quite put my finger on — but we had a BLAST.  It was the first time all four of us attended something like that.  Of course, Tony gave himself a shiner within ten minutes of us being in the arena, but he did so while dancing.  Sometimes, the dance wins.

(See?  Doesn’t it look like he’s having a blast?!)(Note the swelling and bruising on his right temple.)

It was awesome because 1) it was NASA appreciation night, so my company had a large contingency there and 2) they had the INFLATABLE PEOPLE there, which, seriously, pretty much own my heart.  They are like big ole puppets.  And I LOVE PUPPETS.

(Jack also liked the inflatable folks.)

It literally took me two days to figure out why the whole evening .. including our walk in the park .. felt so nice to me.  It’s because, five years earlier, we did the same thing.  And Bryan proposed that night.  ALMOST FIVE YEARS TO THE DAY, Y’ALL.  Very odd, no?  Ended up with free surprise tickets to an indoor football game, were entertained by inflatable people, and had a great time?  VERY ODD.

Friday became Mommy & Tony Day, part AGAIN because although we had done the same thing Wednesday, Friday was just gorgeous outside and .. frankly, I missed my son terribly on Thursday.  So he stayed home with me on Friday and we had a BLAST.  We went to the mall, which doesn’t sound fun, but he’s suddenly this little PERSON and it was SO MUCH FUN.  We shopped, he played in the kids’ area, he bounced on the bungee thingie that you pay $6 for, and then he asked to do this:

Like, he ASKED to sit on the Bunny’s lap when we got there, and I said sure and dismissed him, and as we were leaving, he huffed and reminded me that WE HAVE TO SEE THE EASTER BUNNY, MOMMA.  Yes, sit on that CREATURE’S lap, cause he’s not at all terrifying.  But sweet old men?  He’s not a fan, remember?

Anyway, he wanted to sit with the Bunny, so he did.  And he thought it was AWESOME.

Saturday brought the most awesomeness EVER: Avenue Q!

And Sunday brought more awesomeness, as the Easter Bunny actually visited and brought some joy in the form of chocolate.

It was a perfect way to wrap a week of nothing up.  Because by today, I was ready – READY! – to get back to it.

(Related to nothing: I just love how gangsta he looks here.)

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2 Responses to A Weekend of Nothing

  1. Mint April 25, 2011 at 5:39 pm #

    First thoughts…it’s INSANE how if you were to smash your and Bryan’s faces together, you’d get Tony in that first picture.

    He & Grayson are getting SOO big now…..

  2. Shannon April 26, 2011 at 9:52 am #

    It sounds like you had an awesome weekend!! 🙂
    Shannon wants you to read ..Bright and Shiny

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