Holiday Loot Redux

Let’s face it: 95% of those who read this post did the majority of the holiday shopping in their households.  Which means that y’all, like moi, kind of get stiffed every year when we all peek under the tree.  It’s kind of inevitable, unless you shop and wrap presents for yourself, but I don’t do that because, um, I’m lazy and I like to play the role of the Christmas Martyr.  Playing the Christmas Martyr is a worthy role with a lot of payoff; in reality, I don’t mind Christmas not being about me – cause it’s not, it’s about the kids.  Plus, when everyone else is opening their stocking goodies, including my husband, I enjoy getting big lamb eyes and saying, “No, honey, don’t feel bad, I don’t NEED anything!”  Which is TOTALLY true, by the way.  But that doesn’t stop me from WANTING it.


Dude, seriously.  A Kindle.  Which is cool, cause I’m totally buying one in a week or so.

A classic, simple wedding ring.  For the last four years, I’ve bought cheapies from HSN and QVC, which were great .. but I have an ongoing metal allergy to almost everything, so anything turns my finger green.  I’ve given up hoping for anything elaborate or fancy and am now just craving a simple, 18K, Classic Comfort Fit (2.5mm) wedding band.

(This is me having a good time on a date.)(Obviously.) While Christmas is all about the kids, and I like it that way — I’m not even martyring here, I really do — I firmly believe that New Year’s should be for the adults.  It’s a chance for us to let down our hair, party a little bit, and maybe get to enjoy some child free time.  I really had hoped for a New Year’s Eve filled with black ties and what have you, and maybe next year, we can aim for it.



A SodaStream! (I cannot in good faith, gentle readers, link you to the unholy SodaStream website.  Every single page – EVERY ONE – has a built-in, automatic video/music player.  AS IF THIS WAS 2001.) My parents got this for Bryan for Christmas and we’ve been soda-ing the hell out of everything.  Bryan’s a HUGE soda drinker, and this makes me feel better.  FAR less calories, FAR more green, and it’s science-y to boot.

A PlayStation 3.  This is cool because 1) BLU-RAY, which sounds much more cool if you actually own any Blu-Ray discs and alas we do not, but 2) ADULT GAMES.  The Wii is great and fun and whatever, but sometimes?  Sometimes, I just want to shoot people in the head at point blank range while screaming curse words.  Judge me if you must, but I am a helluva zombie killer.

This was Tony’s big present: a giant honkin’ train table.  It  is literally our new coffee table, is the size of this thing.  However, he plays on it several times a day, and I picked this one specifically because A) it has built-in storage underneath and B) it has several different “terrains” to it.  It covers a farm, a park, a construction site, and a full-blown airport.  We call it Comerville, and we love it so.

TOMY is still around, which kind of blew my mind.  My parents got this for Tony, which is awesome fun for all of us.  It’s a toy that feels complex to him, yet he can do it entirely on his own in tons of different ways.  We keep it in his room, and he will seriously entertain himself for an hour just playing with this. (HELLO, SLEEPING IN AGAIN!)

Pretend this doesn’t say “ON BROADWAY”.  Because Santa brought us two tickets to see this show (srsly, one of my FAVORITE SHOWS OF ALL TIME EVER) when it comes to our town in April.  This show is on My List of shows I’d actually give up my free time to do.  Willingly.

So!  Tell me what you got (or didn’t get) for Christmas!

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9 Responses to Holiday Loot Redux

  1. Liz January 3, 2011 at 6:35 pm #

    I REALLY enjoy buying the exact right present for someone. And I love getting to do that during Christmas. But you know what? It’s starting to get less fun when it’s not reciprocated. I’m starting to really understand that gift giving is a learned skill, and some people just don’t have it, and I shouldn’t take it personally, but man, it does kind of…make me sad. Which is ridiculous, because I have MORE than enough in life and I HATE feeling sad about not getting STUFF, but …well, there it is.

    re Soda Stream: We have it AND WE EFFING LOVE IT. I gave one to my brother this year and he was speechless. Oh, it is such a good gift, it really is!

  2. BrownBabys January 3, 2011 at 8:44 pm #

    I asked for a Kindle too.

  3. TheJBO January 3, 2011 at 8:52 pm #

    Ok, I asked BOTH of you what you wanted for Christmas. And you know what answer I got? “Slippers”. Or “……”. This is BS.

  4. Wendy January 3, 2011 at 9:13 pm #

    I got a really cool bowl and a few other things from a fair trade market that came to our town. Nothing fancy, but some things that I liked.

    My husband got (from me) Band of Brothers on DVD which he has wanted forever, so I win Christmas.

  5. Delle January 3, 2011 at 10:04 pm #

    I wanted this damn parasite (cute small child) the HELL OUT OF ME. 40 weeks is so last year… Alas. No. Merry Christmas to me.

  6. Michelle Smiles January 4, 2011 at 11:38 am #

    My husband usually does a great job with gifts but this year didn’t get me either of the 2 specific items I told him I really wanted so honestly I was a little miffed. (Immature, much?)

    But I had tons of fun because I actually found great gifts for him – he is usually really hard so that was cool. And my MIL bought me a big saute pan I wanted. And hubby did score me some pretty earrings. And with my Target gift card, I bought a shark steam mop which is sadly a little exciting in my world.

  7. Amy Mayfield January 4, 2011 at 2:03 pm #

    Well, I have a kindle and I adore it. Really, It’s fab. I’m a crazy fast reader and read even faster on it for some reason. BUT if I had already had the ipad? I probably would have saved the $200 and just put the kindle app on the ipad. Which is what I’m thinking of doing for Abby. The main kindle plus is its lightness, that’s nice.
    .-= Amy Mayfield´s last blog ..Well- at least it’s not the end of February… =-.

  8. Brigitte January 4, 2011 at 6:41 pm #

    No stretchy pants, no pajama pants, no gigantic shorts. 🙁
    Apparently no one believed the pregnant lady just wanted some giant stretchy stuff to wear.

  9. Katherine January 5, 2011 at 2:06 pm #

    I was wondering if the soda stream was as wonderful as it looks. Maybe a good valentines day gift…. Kindles are great – and the best part about it for us is having free 3g internet overseas, as soon as we walk off the plane. It’s nice for reading, too 🙂

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