Sally Hansen Saves My Day.

As I mentioned here earlier, I’m now working a full work week for Big Corporate Company.  Again.  Same place I worked before, and oddly enough, I’m working with the first manager who ever hired me.  Which is weird, in that whole full-circle kind of thing.

I usually invoke the law of Dooce here and don’t really speak about work, so you probably won’t hear me say much from this point outside of vague references to the degree of my busy-ness.

But there is one thing.

For some reason, working with folks that knew me when I was younger makes me want to be all grown-up.  Now, clearly, I’M OLD anyway, but I am trying to show them how PROFESSIONAL I can be too.  I wear jeans.. often .. because on any given day I may be hauling something or lifting something and after the first day in a skirt I realized that it’s just not practical.  But I do my make-up.  EVERY DAY.  I do my hair.  And lately, I’ve been aching to do my nails.

I haven’t gotten my nails professionally done in .. like .. a really, really long time because I can’t stomach the prices.  I wore acryllics for YEARS when I was younger: $25-$30 bucks every two weeks like clockwork for me to dread the next appointment.  I HATED ACRYLLICS.  But I loved the leisure of having my nails done, and I loved the look of them.  I typically got a french manicure or a really, really light pink.

I tried this week to go have my nails done, but .. I just couldn’t.  I couldn’t spend time in the waiting room, I couldn’t shell out the money, and I just couldn’t.  I don’t judge you if you do, cause clearly we all have our splurges, but it just didn’t work for me.

So I went to WalGreens instead.

I took a chance on a Sally Hansen Instant Manicure Pen, which I’m sorry that I can’t find a picture of, but here it is included in an entire set:

And it has changed my life.

It literally took me ten minutes to have a perfect french manicure on Wednesday.  Two coats of Hard as Wraps on top, and I’m golden.  And if it chips (which it hasn’t yet)?  No skin off my back or money down my drain, because I can just remove it all, paint the tips white again, and we’re back at the races.

Like I said, I can’t find the pen listed by itself online anywhere, but I did pick it up at Walgreens.  Cost wasn’t more than $4.

Word of caution: technique may take a while to perfect.  I noticed that you can get the pen in two tip sizes, regular and fine.  If you think you’re going to be “challenged” in this endeavor, go with the fine tip.  I went with the regular and while I wasn’t crazy frustrated, I could see where some folks would be turned off.

And, of course, if you need it, Sally Hansen does also make this correction pen for erasing mistakes as you give yourself a home manicure.

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2 Responses to Sally Hansen Saves My Day.

  1. elsewise September 24, 2010 at 7:40 am #

    I have *zero* confidence in my ability to draw a perfect curve, so I bought some manicure tip guides – little sticker strips, available in the drugstore nail section for $3 or so for a gazillion. They are to my nails what the snazzy green painter’s tape is to a decently painted ceiling.

  2. Noel Figart September 28, 2010 at 7:15 am #

    To be honest, I tried that pen when I was first learning to do a French manicure.

    I could never get it to come out right. But tip guides and just regular white nail polish? Man, even with my sloppy technique, I could get a great look that lasted much longer. I use the pen to touch up wear at the very tips of the nails, but for my normal manicure, I really prefer the standard bottle of white nail polish.

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