I Hope This Avatar Joke Works.

So, last night: our first night sans kids since AUGUST.  August, y’all.

And?  My first movie in a theatre since the last Bond film.  Which was so long ago that I don’t freakin’ remember when I saw it. (So at least two weeks.)

Bryan and I dropped off Tony with his Nona and Poppa for the evening and headed to see Avatar.  Bryan was more excited than I was, and decided to dress up for the show.

I told him he had the wrong Avatar, but he was pretty set on it.  And they gave us free martinis at diner, which was awesome because Bryan doesn’t drink so SCORE! for drunk me.

Also, he’s kind of posessive of my Snuggie even thought it was MY Christmas present.  AND IT’S PINK, BRYAN.

Anyway, so, as I was saying.. long time, no see.. movies.  I just don’t get the opportunity often.  It’s part of the guilt of being a working mom.. feeling like time not at work should be spent solely with the children who spend 9-10 hours a day with daycare workers who may or may not be meth-heads. (I kid.)(Our daycare workers don’t make enough to buy meth.)

So when we go, we tend to “save up” any guilt-free points.  I figure two movies a year should be guilt-free, and this was one of them.  We chose a late movie (for us.. 9:30) and even decided to go balls-out and see it in 3D.


I’m not even talking about nine and ten year-olds, cause, honestly? We’re considering taking Jack.  It’s just SUCH A FUCKING AWESOME MOVIE, and I think he’s old enough to handle it and did I mention THE AWESOMENESS?

No, I mean people brought their TODDLERS.  Their two and three year olds.  Who, SURPRISE!, were up WAAAAAY too late and crying and talking and fuuuuuuuck, if you can’t get a babysitter, stay the hell home and let the rest of us cherish the precious hours away from our spawn without having to listen to yours throw a temper tantrum.

In community theatre, we will often turn away young children at the box office if we know a show is geared toward adults.  Why is this not carried over to movie theatres?  If you have a couple buying tickets to see Texas Chainsaw Massacre at the 9:45 showing and they’re carring an infant?  MAYBE TELL THEM TO GO THE HELL HOME.  (Seriously, we had a four year old sitting in that one behind us, wailing through all of it because, you know, BLOOD and all.)  Sure, you may piss off those patrons, but Lord, you’d keep the majority of them/us happier that way.

Y’all, put me in check if I need to be there, but is there ANY reason in the WORLD you can think of to justify bringing babies to a late-night movie?  Any?  AT ALL?!

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8 Responses to I Hope This Avatar Joke Works.

  1. aardvark December 27, 2009 at 3:45 pm #

    Back in the day (when i was a manager at the movies) we ALWAYS warned people that they would be asked to leave at the first complaint if they had a small child with them. Did you complain? You should have…if nothing else you probably could have gotten comps for another movie…they give that shit away like water.

  2. Christina December 27, 2009 at 4:15 pm #

    Okay, Nate is (as you well know) 2 and we’ve had a hand full of dates since he was born and none of them were overnights so I HATE YOU for that- anywho– Yeah, don’t bring you kids to movies after their bedtime AND to ones that are rated anything over PG regardless of the time- that is just BS- I would have complained during the previews and had them tossed-I’m nice like that.
    Sorry that ruined your night!!
    .-= Christina´s last blog ..A Chat with my Fetus =-.

  3. Michael December 27, 2009 at 6:16 pm #

    Alright, in fairness I’ve been one of those parents.

    Okay, no. Not to the late movie. There is no excuse for the late movie. Ever. Even if it’s The Pretty Bubbly Unicorn, taking toddlers to the late movie is just wrong.

    But We went to Burger King once, wondering what to do with the rest of our day. Ironman was out, the kids got lots of interests out of the Ironman toys. So we took’em. To like the 2pm movie. (Again, so not the late movie. That’s just dumb.)

    What a mistake. Gunfire, Molly screaming, it was horrible. Then the movie started and it got worse.

    Of course, we stayed. Luckily there were other toddlers there being noisy, so we hid among them and watched the movie. Which was awesome. But seriously… we had no idea it would be so violent.

    In fairness to parents who didn’t know everything about the movie. The Television ads haven’t really shown it as violent and bloody. I don’t think I’d take my kids to see it based on the TV commercials, but I can see where parents might think the McDonald’s kids meal toys would be cartoonish and fun, instead of bloody and scary.

    But there is NO reason to take them to the 9:30 showing.

  4. Liz M. December 27, 2009 at 6:22 pm #

    No reason at all for the late showing (date??? I’m SO jealous!) unless they are those kind that shouldn’t be allowed to have kids. And then none of them should be let in.

    But I’m the kind that will laugh out loud & loudly, even at a movie– where the actors don’t even know I exist, let alone hear me– and I cheese off other patron as much as the squirmy toddlers do, so I guess that’s why I don’t get let out much.

  5. Delle December 27, 2009 at 8:03 pm #

    Totally had kids in our showing of Sherlock Holmes…I know that it is Christmas and baby sitters are scarce, but damn. However, this was trumped by the 4 year old that was at the bar we went to after the movie…that’s right, “A baby…in a bar!” Grrr…

  6. Kaitlyn December 27, 2009 at 9:33 pm #

    I JUST got back from Avatar and WHY would anyone bring a kid to see that?!?!? Bad parenting. Bad.

  7. Jessica December 28, 2009 at 2:09 am #

    Oh, that is just sad. Children should not be at a movie past their bedtimes, because of course it’s going to ruin the show for everyone!

  8. Tonya December 28, 2009 at 11:06 am #

    I loved Avatar! That movie totally rocked! I did take my children but they are teens, hehe. I never took my kiddos to any late night showing, but they have seen some mature films depending on what was in them, like we always look up the flick before going to see it and see what all the ratings are based on. Sorry your movie was interrrupted. I sometimes hate to watch a movie on Fri. or Sat. night due to the misbehaved teenagers who interrupt the film.
    .-= Tonya´s last blog ..Points for good behavior? =-.

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