2015 Wrap-Up

A year end wrap-up of things you probably don't care about.

What 35 Means to Me

In less than a month – on September 3rd, to be exact – I will turn 35 years old. This age used to bear the weight of marking a midlife crisis (or the beginning of one), but now it is merely a point at which I can make declarations about what I will and won’t […]

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The Boys And My Plans for Them

The boys are all busy.  Vinnie’s been trying out The Little Gym; Miss Angel (who also taught Tony) is living up to her name by way of unending patience and energy.    Tony is, like, halfway to a ninja or something now.     And we don’t have a picture of it because, you know, we […]

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We’re Coming Out.

Bryan and I looked at eachother a month ago and decided: we’re ready to emerge.  Crawling out from the haze that is New Baby Brigadoon, you reach a point where you realize that things are easier. Not easy, God no, never easy. But easier. Do-able.  So Bryan got a new job – returning to his first […]

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Make Me Twitch

I just realized that Twitch from So You Think You Can Dance is in Magic Mike XXL.  So here. Enjoy. This is why I’ll be at opening night. http://youtu.be/nhrxfHCtMJA

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Wash Away Sins with Chlorine

And that is my boy. He is so good-hearted that he couldn’t even believe that Eve would willingly do something that would anger God.

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