What Social Media Says About You

I am fat. Look, until life eases up, I'm gonna be fat. That's okay. It's not okay to wish ill on me because of it.

The Boys And My Plans for Them

The boys are all busy.  Vinnie’s been trying out The Little Gym; Miss Angel (who also taught Tony) is living up to her name by way of unending patience and energy.    Tony is, like, halfway to a ninja or something now.     And we don’t have a picture of it because, you know, we […]

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We’re Coming Out.

Bryan and I looked at eachother a month ago and decided: we’re ready to emerge.  Crawling out from the haze that is New Baby Brigadoon, you reach a point where you realize that things are easier. Not easy, God no, never easy. But easier. Do-able.  So Bryan got a new job – returning to his first […]

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Make Me Twitch

I just realized that Twitch from So You Think You Can Dance is in Magic Mike XXL.  So here. Enjoy. This is why I’ll be at opening night. http://youtu.be/nhrxfHCtMJA

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You look like a restaurant.

I have had some awful theatre experiences in my life – hopefully, we all have, because Lord knows they make THE BEST stories – but when something good happens, man, it’s just aces.  I’m in a show for one more night that is not a groundbreaking show. It’s not profound or game-changing. It’s light-hearted and […]

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I should write a post but here. Cute pictures instead.               

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